Elephant Pant Buying Guide

Don’t just buy the first good looking pair that you see, know what you are looking for beforehand – you can always shop around!

You can’t judge a pair of pants by the way they look.  Do they move well, are they comfortable are too hot? are they too thin? – Lululemon just had a recall because they were see-through! Ladies, you may not want this in coed yoga class!

Elephant Pant buying guide
Yoga pants hot

When doing yoga you put your body and pants into positions that you don’t get into during your normal daily activities.  This is why you can’t just wear anything to do yoga in, it must move with you.  You can only bend as far as your yoga pants will allow you.  So, for this reason, you pair of pants must be as flexible as you are or will become (if you are just starting yoga).

So once you’ve decided that your pants are indeed stretchy enough we can move onto the next item in our checklist for yoga pants.  Do your pants stay where they should when you bend?  If they don’t stay where they should then you will be showing your underwear with every downward dog and nobody wants that.

 So your pants fit well and they stay up but do they let you breathe?

Jogging pants get hot and are heavy.  You want to be comfortable when doing yoga so make sure they aren’t too thick or too thin.  When they get too thin you can see through them in some lighting.  Also, make sure the color is good for you.  If you sweat a lot you might want to avoid colors that show that sweat off, like gray for example